Brooder house

Our original hens made their way to our farm from neighbors and friends, some 4H projects and even classroom chicks needing a home for the summer. We’ve grown to appreciate several chicken breeds and a wide variety of colorful, nutritious eggs.  This spring we added young layers to the pasture to help meet new customer requests. Our hens get plenty of sunshine, grass, time in the apple orchard, organic grain, spent grain from local craft brewer and garden produce.  They lay eggs and roost in two brooder houses – then out at the-crack-of-dawn before the rest of the farm wakes up. Enjoy the freshness!

Egg Share Pick-Up locations listed on sign up form


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·        If you can’t be to your pick-up site within your pick-up time, please contact StoneHaus Farm

·        If you do not pick up your eggs or call the farm to make other arrangements, your eggs will be donated

·        If you are unable to pick up your eggs (i.e. you are on vacation), a friend or neighbor is welcome to pick it up instead; but you must give them clear directions regarding your share i.e. how many per week

·        Share Splitters: If you are splitting your egg share with another household, and plan to divide the share at the site, please use the rubber bands provided if you need to identify cartons. Please plan and coordinate with your share splitting partner.

Here is the routine at your pickup site:

1.      Eggs will be stored in a cooler at the pick-up site

2.      Please bring your own bag for safely transporting your eggs

3.      Cross off your name on the check-off sheet each time you pick up your eggs. If you’re splitting your share, all names will be on the list and should be crossed off when picked up

4.      Please return the StoneHaus Farm cartons and leave them in the cooler

Member vacation policy: We understand that our members go on vacation during the CSA season. You have options when you go on vacation:

·        You can have a friend pick up your share for you. Please give clear instructions on the share pick up procedures. 

·        You can donate your share. Please give us one week advance notice and we will make arrangements for your share to go to the Badger Prairie Food Panty in Verona.

Your feedback: We also welcome your feedback. Please feel free to email us at