About our pigs:

Our pigs are slow growing so the fresh air, pasture and daily food offerings make for happy and friendly pasture companions. Red Wattles are great foragers, meaning their noses are always in the dirt looking for grubs and roots. Their reddish meat is both lean and juicy. They enjoy their organic grain but really look forward to daily veggies from the garden and apples from the orchard. With the large apple tree in their fenced pasture, they can treat themselves.

Ordering Options:
We are selling whole and half pigs. Some are larger than their pasture mates so if you’d like a larger or smaller pig, please let us know when you confirm your order and we will do our best to meet your request. The first group is going to market early July and will be available for pick up in late July.  The second group has not been scheduled.

Basic Pig Pricing:
Our pigs will range in whole pig hanging weight (after butcher and before processing) from about 140lb to 160lb. If you get a half pig, your hanging weight cost is one half, too. The farmer cost for the pig is $3.50 per pound of hanging weight. For example, if you get a whole pig, your cost to us, the farmer, is about $500. The additional butchering and processing costs will vary depending on your order. You should plan for about $1.00 per pound of the hanging weight of your order. A good rule of thumb: $350 for half a pig and $700 a whole pig.

Butcher and Processing:
As we get closer to our processing date, we will provide you the detail needed to finalize your order instructions and pricing for specific requests. If you want to butcher your own pig or have a pig roast in mind, your whole pig would be available for pick up at the butcher location.

Deposit and Payment:
We require a deposit for your order; $150 for a half a pig and $300 for a whole pig. Your final payment is due once we take the pigs to market.